Electronics Industry Standards Certifications

Illinois Capacitor offers products that fully comply with RoHS certification and manufacture our products in up-to-date, ISO 9001:2009 certified plants.  We focus on the use of environmentally-friendly materials and continue to strive to exceed customer expectations.   Certifications include, but may not be limited to:

In addition, many of our capacitors have individual safety agency certifications or listings, as noted in the individual product descriptions.  These include UL, CSA, CE, CB, ENEC.  Contact IC to learn more.


Counterfeit Component Advisory

Could your Illinois Capacitor components be counterfeit?

You are probably aware from reading the stories in trade publications that counterfeit electronic components are a growing problem in the EOEM. Like other manufacturers, Illinois Capacitor is concerned that customers might purchase products that are claimed to be manufactured by us, but are in fact unauthorized copies. If the ratings of the capacitor are not as marked, the device could cause the circuit to operate improperly and possibly create a shock hazard. Additionally, there is a real danger that the product will prematurely fail, perhaps creating a hazardous condition and creating a liability for the equipment builder.

Unlike US currency, it is not possible to easily detect counterfeit products, as they may outwardly appear identical to actual Illinois Capacitor products. The best way to avoid the risk is by purchasing products only from authorized Illinois Capacitor distributors. This will also ensure that the capacitors you purchase are within the recommended date range.

If you suspect that you may have purchased counterfeit Illinois Capacitor products, or have questions concerning this issue, please contact us directly.