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Parts are RoHS compliant

Parts are RoHS compliant

Electrical Specifications

Capacitance: 160 uF
Dissipation Factor: 0.002 Max at 100 Hz and 25°C
Temperature Coefficient: -200 PPM/°C: -100 PPM/°C, 100 PPM/°C
Ripple Current: 65 A at 100 kHz and 70°C
ESR: 3.5 milliOhms (typical) at 100 kHz and 25°C
Self Inductance: 20 Nanohenries maximum per mm of body length and lead length
dvdt: 15 V/µs

Tolerance: -10 % , +10 %
Temperature Range:
Above the rated (DC/AC) voltage must be derated at per °C
WVDC: 2000 Volts DC
SVDC: 2000 Volts DC
VAC: 500 Volts AC

Terminal to Terminal Dielectric strength: 1.3 times the rated DC voltage when applied between the terminals for 60 seconds

Terminal to case Dielectric strength: 3000 VAC when applied between the terminals and case for 60 seconds

Insulation Resistance (Terminal to Terminal): 10000 MINIMUM after 100 Volts DC is applied for 60 seconds at 20°C
Reliability: Load Life: Not Specified hours at with % of rated voltage
Capacitance Change: of initially measured value
D.F. Change: of maximum specified value
I.R. Change: of minimum specified value

Insulation resistance (Terminal to Case): Megohms MINIMUM after 0 Volts DC is applied for 0 seconds at 0

Physical Dimensions

Diameter (D): 86 mm, 0.5 mm
Length (L): 180 mm, 1.5 mm
Lead Finish: Matte Tin

Lead Diameter (d): mm, +/- mm
Lead Length (LL): mm, +/- mm