History of Illinois Capacitor (Illinois Condensor)

1949 Illinois Condensor Catalog

Illinois Capacitor traces its roots to the very early years of the electronics industry when “Illinois Condenser” began supplying the rapidly growing radio manufacturing business.   As material, design and manufacturing technologies have changed, IC has responded with high-quality components designed for today’s advanced circuitry.

Today, the company continues to specialize in providing cost-effective, state-of-the-art capacitors to original equipment manufacturers and service organizations. With manufacturing and distribution worldwide, IC has been able to maintain strong partnerships with new and old customers.  Here are some highlights of IC achievements:

1934 Company founded as Illinois Condenser Company by Joseph and Jerome Kurland
1935 Opened first factory in Chicago, Illinois
1937 Charter exhibitor at “May Parts Show” (now Electronic Distribution Show)
1938 Charter advertiser in newly launched electronics trade journals
1942 Illinois Condenser becomes a major supplier of capacitors for the war effort
1948 Etched Foil technology developed by Illinois Condenser and Alcoa
1949 Opened expanded plant on Throop Street in Chicago
1950 Illinois Condenser assists Asian manufacturers with post war consultation
1950 Received patent on dry electrolytic condensers
1952 Introduced first subminiature electrolytic capacitor line, based on Etched Foil technology
1957 Received patent on hermetically sealed terminal structure and manufacturing method
1961 Received patent on method for manufacturing a miniature capacitor
1961 Received patent on multi-terminal miniature capacitor; method for manufacturing
1963 Received patent on miniature electrolytic capacitor; method for manufacturing
1962 Received patent on high temperature miniature electrolytic condenser
1966 Company commits to 100% testing of all capacitors
1969 Company reorganized as Illinois Capacitor, Inc.
1975 Opened new corporate headquarters and warehouse in Morton Grove, IL
1981 Opened new corporate headquarters and warehouse in Lincolnwood, IL
1980 Introduced 125°C electrolytic capacitors
1991 Illinois Capacitor introduces first power film product with direct-mount lugs
1994 Website introduced with fully searchable product database
1995 Expanded power film product line launch with 32-page catalog
1997 Surface mount products introduced
2002 Company sold in a management buyout
2003 ISO Certification
2003 Organic Semiconductor Electrolytic Capacitor lines introduced
2004 RoHS plan initiated
2005 Illinois Capacitor HK Ltd. Established
2005 State-of-the-art, fully searchable website with separate private distributor area
2005 Product lines becomes RoHS compliant
2006 Polymer capacitors introduced
2007 Supercapacitors  introduced with values to 220 Farads and 2.3 VDC
2008 Supercapacitors expanded in range to 400 Farads and 5.4 VDC
2008 Introduced full line of impregnated power film capacitors
2009 Flat Super Capacitors introduced for battery support in portable devices
2010 All-new website launched with advanced search, display and printing capabilities
2010 MKP Class X2 smaller size, agency-compliant polypropylene box capacitors for EMI/RFI supression
2011 MPP metalized polypropylene radial lead capacitors for DC link and other high performance applications
2011 YXB Class X2/X1  across-the-line & line-to-ground applications; agency-compliant for EMI/RFI suppression
2012 Supercapacitors expanded in range to 3,500 Farads and 5.4 VDC
2013 Supercapacitor Modules Introduced with virtually unlimited capacitance & voltage options
2013 "Next Gen" Polypropylene Film capacitors for high performance DC Link applications
Photoflash capacitors rated at 1 million flashes
New aluminum polymer capacitor lines, including industry-leading range of voltage and capacitance options
Acquired by Cornell Dubilier Marketing Inc.
QPC Quick-Connect, Rugged Motor Run Capacitors
Launched on-line Custom Catalog Generator -- an industry first.
2016 Introduced Rechargable Lithium-Ion Coin Cell Batteries.
2017 Launched new responsive design, (mobile friendly) website with advanced search capabilities.