MHBS Series Film Capacitors


Expanded product line now provides more choices.

The MHBS Series of metalized polypropylene film capacitors from Illinois Capacitor now includes an expanded range of capacitance values from 0.68 to 150µF and 10 different termination styles, including 2, 4 or 6 radial leads and various lug-type terminations. Voltage ratings up to 460AC and 1275WVDC are available.

ESR characteristics are excellent, varying from 7.1 to 22.5 milliohms, depending on values. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +100°C, providing extended life in high-performance applications. For highly reliability applications, the estimated life expectancy with rated voltage applied is 60,000 hrs. with VAC, or >200,000 hrs. at +70°C with WVDC applied. Very compact size, with high capacitance density provides, greater design options and PCB layout flexibility.

MHBS capacitors are an excellent choice for power inverter circuit applications, DC Link applications in power inverters; UPS systems, solar heaters, induction heaters, motor controllers and welding equipment. High capacitance density, small component size and package termination options allow designers to meet board size and case requirements. Terminations include various lug and lead configurations for PCB, terminal or component-to-component mounting.

Standard capacitance tolerance is +10% at 1 kHz, 25°C with +5% optional. The parts are also fully RoHS compliant. Like other IC capacitors, each MHBS Series capacitor is 100% burn-in tested.

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