Competitor Capactor Series Search

If you are in need of locating a substitute for another brand of capacitor, the table below is a good place to start.  Once you have identified the best matching Illinois Capacitor product line, you can click through to product details for a closer match.  Our application engineers are also available to simplify the process. For any competitor series that is not listed, please contact

Competitor Series Our Series
B32227 MWS
B32232 MWR
B32232 MTR
B32237 MWS
B32521 MTB
B32522 MTB
B32523 MTB
B32524 MTB
B32538 MWR
B32590 MSR
B32591 MMR
B32592 MSR
B32592 MMR
B32593 MSR
B32593 MMR
B32594 MSR
B32594 MMR
B32612 PPB
B32613 MPR
B32613 PPB
B32614 MPR
B32614 PPB
B32632 MPR
B32633 MPR
B32634 MPR
B32652 MPR
B32653 MPR
B32654 MPR
B32656-S PMB_RMB
B32674 DCB
B32674 MHBS
B32676 DCB
B32676 MHBS
B32678 DCB
B32678 MHBS
B32682 PPB
B32682 PPR
B32683 PPB
B32683 PPR
B32684 PPB
B32684 PPR
B32794D MHBS
B32796E/T MHBS
B32796G MHBS
B32798G MHBS
B3290 MKP
B32922 MKP
B41303 LBA
B41505 LMX
B43304 LBB
B43504 LMU
B43505 LMX
B43510 LBA
B43514 LMU
B81130 MKP